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  1. Along the Rio (sample)
  2. Counting the Stars (sample)
  3. The Good Life's Begun (sample)
  4. Meter Maid (sample)
  5. Island Time (sample)
  6. Early Morning Rain (sample)
  7. Rosalita (sample)
  8. Another Time Another Place (sample)
  9. Too Much... (sample)
  10. Coconut Island (sample)
  11. Better Days (sample)
  12. I Dont Feel Like Working(sample)
  13. Traveling With Me (sample)
  14. I'm Loking for Someone (sample)
  15. Muy Bien Adios Amigo (sample)
  16. Carolina Sundays (sample)
  17. Slow Dancing the Night Away (sample)
  18. Searching for My Next Song (sample)